" A man of wisdom delights in water." - Confucius, Analects  

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Well Drilling UK Ltd supplies agricultural water boreholes or wells for many different agricultural uses, these uses include farm water, potable water for estate houses, dairies and irrigation systems. Dairy units would particularly benefit from their own borehole water supply.
Water Borehole QuotesThanks for an amazing effort by your company. We were in a desparate position. We had enough water to last till today.
You were on site before you said and you delivered all you said you would. You were even right to within a few feet as to the depth of the main supply!
Your boys were excellent on site, nothing was too much work for them. They were polite and friendly. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.Borehole Customer Quotes
Steve and Kath - Aberystwyth

Agricultural Borehole washing down the milking parlourThe advantages of an agricultural borehole to the particular farm are dependent on water usage, the more water a unit uses the more they will gain. A large agricultural unit may recover the cost of borehole drilling in a few months; a small unit may take longer, but all the other benefits of having an agricultural borehole on your farm also need to be taken into consideration.

It is acknowledged that cattle prefer the taste of well water to mains water. Their increased consumption of the preferred well water improves the milk yield. Similarly, the cost of running a borehole pump is greatly offset, particularly in the warmer months because the consistently cool temperature of well water greatly reduces the time that milk-chilling systems operate.

Borehole running strawberry irrigation systemThe quality of the material we use in our agricultural boreholes and our skill in the installation makes for a sound, long-term investment. We have Diary Units with their boreholes and pumps still going strong after 14 years of service, some even longer!

The water act of 2003 states that you may extract up to 20 cubic meters or 20,000 litres, 4400 gallons of water per day without any licence required and no charge or fee. If your requirements are going to mean extracting more than the legal amount, every day, then we will work with you through the application process for an abstraction licence.

We can supply and install above and below ground water storage reservoirs from 50 ltrs up to any size to suite your requirements. Below is a design for an equestrian establishment that needed large amounts of water for irrigation purposes. Agricultural Borehole systems are a valuable addition to the agricultural property.

Borehole storage system

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