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Mr and Mrs Wagg live on a small farm in West Wales and were on an old Ram water supply, which had always worked intermittently with the mains being used to top up when necessary until this summer.

Water Borehole QuotesBest thing we have ever done! You don't realise how little pressure you have, even with the mains on until you have loads!

Well Drilling UK Ltd did a fantastic job, they were quick and efficient, the boys were polite and took care in what they were doing, we would definitely recommend this company to othersBorehole Customer Quotes

Mr & Mrs Wagg - Llandysul

Borehole Drilling TestimonialThe Ram dried up and didn’t come back in its normal time frame, we were using just the mains and with a few leaks around the place that could have cost thousands to find and repair, we decided that perhaps it was time for a borehole supply to be drilled, we contacted a local company and were delighted when Mr Jones said that the drill rig was coming home for the weekend and that if we wanted it done quickly they could do it over the weekend for us if we liked! Mr Jones came out and divined, finding a good source of water close to the main supply and electricity where it would be easy to connect and maintain. He said the water would be about 150ft down and that there would be plenty for our needs upwards of 8 gallons a minute. I never thought a stick could be so accurate! (sorry divining rod!)

Borehole Drilling TestimonialThe drilling rig and the compressor lorry arrived Friday night as promised, it was a tight fit to get the lorry in but they took time and patience and managed to get it in and leave the gate posts and shed standing! They started drilling on Saturday morning and hit the main supply of water on Sunday morning, all the drilling and lining was finished by mid-afternoon on Sunday, we were amazed how quickly they did it! They hit water at 120ft and drilled to 150ft and we have approximately 10 gallons a minute, more than enough for all our needs and exactly what Mr Jones had estimated! It took a while to get the drilling rig out again (it was a very tight spot they had to get it in to mind!) but the skilled driver took his time and got it out without leaving too much paint behind and the drilling rig was then off to Gloucester for Monday morning!

On Monday morning the installation team came in, entrance was no problem for the van!!! The boys were very good, they came in and put the pump down and the pressure vessel in and buried the pipes. The water only took ten minutes to run clear and you could drink it, although we were advised to let it run for longer! The boys were efficient and kept the mess to a minimum, when they left all you could see was the manhole cover and where the trench had been filled in. The water pressure is amazing; we have never had so much water or been able to use it without worrying about it running out! The mains hasn’t been switched on since, although we pay the standing charge just in case we ever need it! Washing the yards down is now a pleasure and the swimming pool fills in no time at all.Water Well Drilling Testimonial

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